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Yet another Prototype Colorpicker

And then there was another…..color….picker…. I have been dissatisfied with all the prototype color pickers out there, so when I found this jQuery colorpicker, I decided to port it to prototype. Yay! It has lots of options. Examples/Demo available here, download available here. This color picker allows you to not only select your color, but […]

Polar Arc Animation Using Canvas and Prototype

This is a little class I created to use Canvas to create a polar arc animation. A while ago I came across a Polar Clock using canvas and I thought it would be cool to create a randomized background using the same concepts. I would link back to the original script I based this on, […]

Number Formatter for Javascript with Prototype

So i had to fix a ROI calculator on a client’s website today. Whoever added the content used some script they found that was using jQuery, which of course was totally screwed by Prototype…..soooo, I decided to convert the script to use prototype. One part of the script was using jQuery’s number format plugin. I […]