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Extending PHPUnit and using PHPUnit 4.* without the phar file

UPDATE: The technique indicated in this post is unnecessary and was a hack implemented due to uneducated and improper use of php’s package manager composer. By using composer’s autoloader with phpunit included with composer in the require-dev section of composer.json, you can extend phpunit’s classes. ———————————– I use PHPUnit to unit tests for php code. […]

php 5.5 xapian bindings compile solution

I recently updated to php5.5 on my MacbookPro using homebrew but was having issues getting xapian’s php bindings to compile correctly for php 5.5’s new extension API folder. I installed php 5.5 and xapian with homebrew then I manually downloaded the Xapian bindings tar ball, located here: configured the compile with the following: ./configure […]

Upstream timeout issues with nginX + php-fpm + CodeIgniter + gzip + xdebug on DotCloud – [resolved]

We have been using DotCloud as our hosting platform for months now, and overall I have been extremely pleased with their service.  There were some bumps in the road early on while they were still in their beta phase, but things have been running very smoothly for a few months now.  Everything except an uncomfortable […]

AddThis Pintrest button hack to look better in 32×32 format

Today I had to add a Pinterest Share button on our website, and run it through our AddThis account so we can track the analytics.  Unfortunately, there are only two options for the Pinterest button via AddThis, neither of which look good along side our 32×32 style share buttons.  So, I decided to hack it […]

disable firefox native inspect element context menu

With the latest update of Firefox to version 10.0, they included some new developer tools which are similar to what is available via Firebug or WebKit’s developer tools.  About time!  Unfortunately, I still am so used to firebug that will continue using it instead of these new native development tools.  One thing that really grinds […]

MySQL alter table to re-order columns

Sometimes because of my completely anal nature, I want the fields that I’ve already added to a table in MySQL to be in a different order. To do this you can simply alter that table column, without changing any of its properties, then adding “AFTER column_3”. So for instance you had a table like this: […]